The annual sale of plants at reduced cost in collaboration with the MRC Memphremagog is now open. Citizens wishing to purchase plants have until Wednesday, May 3 to order and pay for the plants by completing the ATTACHED FORM . Only cash payments will be accepted. For a description of the plants offered, you can consult the accompanying document HERE.

Distribution at the Massawippi Regional Park (469 Main Street, Ayer’s Cliff) on Saturday May 20th from 9am to 12pm.

In its effort to preserve the riparian buffer strips, the Village of Ayer’s Cliff will proceed this summer as last year with the inspection of the private riparian buffer strips to ensure that the preservation measures provided for in the by-law are respected.

Please remember that all work in a riparian buffer, including planting, requires a certificate of authorization from the municipality which can be found here (

To learn more about riparian buffers: