Considering the current situation caused by the COVID-19, the public consultation meeting will be postponed to a later date.

The public meeting was concerning the following draft by-laws:

  • By-law no. 2020-02 amending Construction By-law no. 2009-06
  • By-law no. 2020-04 amending SPAIP By-law no. 2009-09
  • By-law no. 2020-05 amending Urban Planning By-law no. 2009-03
  • By-law no. 2020-06 amending PPCMOI By-law no. 2003-09
  • By-law no. 2020-07 amending Zoning By-law no. 2009-04

Given at Ayer’s Cliff, this March 23, 2020.

Please check the Municipality’s website for the future date

Bastien Lefebvre

General Director