Again, this year, there will be the Regional Shrub Distribution Day. The regional distribution day will be Saturday, May 21, 2022 at Tyler Park from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and will allow the distribution of trees and shrubs from riparian strips to citizens of the MRC de Memphremagog at reduced prices. Residents are invited to place their order to reserve their plants before May 9, 2022.

By planting trees and shrubs in the riparian strip, this makes it possible to have a positive short-term impact on bodies of water, among other things by slowing down the erosion of the banks, by filtering the runoff water loaded with sediments, by maintaining cool water temperature, maintaining biodiversity and much more.
With their vegetation, the shores of a body of water constitute a natural heritage, not only because of their biological richness, but also because of the natural functions they fulfill. It is therefore important to maintain a vegetated bank.

The riparian strip is a strip of natural and permanent vegetation that borders lakes and watercourses. It is particularly important on small watercourses, intermittent watercourses, or at the head of the watershed, because these drain a large mass of water and transport the bulk of the load of pollutants and sediments, and this is where the action of the riparian strip is most effective.

Riparian buffer standards apply to all watercourses with regular or intermittent flow, including those that have been created or modified by human intervention, as well as to wetlands.