Reimbursement of the cost of leisure activities

Maximum reimbursement 50% of the surtax, of registration fees up to $100/child/year.  Day camp:
20$/week/subscribed child). In all cases, reimbursement is
payable at the end of the activity or camp only, upon proof
of registration throughout the activity or camp.

Read the policy here.

To complete the form.

Growing families

Admissibility conditions:

  • The child must been born or adopted by the parent(s).
  • The parent(s) must have been resident(s) of Ayer’s Cliff for at least one year at the date of the birth of the child or the date of the adoption.
  • The parent(s) must be resident(s) of Ayer’s Cliff on the date of the application;
  • Reimbursement of $100.

Print the form and send it back by email at or by mail.

Replacement of toilets

The only work admissible for a reimbursement request is the replacement of a regular toilet for an energy saving toilet in an admissible building.

Complete the form and send it back to the Town hall by mail or by email at