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150, Tyler Street
Ayer’s Cliff (Quebec) J0B 1C0

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T  819 838-5020

People can view the map in front of the post office at any time.

You can also get informations at the library when it is open.

Discover the Townships Scenic Route

Ayer’s Cliff is part of this 415 km scenic and tourist route in the Townships. Blue panels with pictograms indicate which roads to follow.For more information visit Le Chemin des Cantons

  • The beautiful ancestral houses on Clough, Main and Tyler Streets
  • Lake Massawippi at the rest area and fishing from the public pier
  • The two 19th century churches located on Main Street
  • Canoe, pontoon or rowboat excursions on the lake, as well as swimming (Massawippi Beach)
  • The old mill (beside the grocery store)
  • Duck pond (next to the Town Hall)
  • Tomifobia Nature Trail for walking, biking and cross country skiing, 21 km to the American border (leaving from the library parking lot)
  • Eastern Townships scenic route beginning on Brown’s Hill Road
  • Rozynski Arts Centre, 2133 Ways Mill Road
  • Magnificent view of Lake Massawippi, and surrounding mountains of the Eastern Townships and the United States
  • Beautiful sunsets from Kingscroft (Route 141 towards Coaticook turn left 1.5 km from the junction of 141 and 143)
  • The pictoresque villages of Massawippi and Hatley (Rte 208 towards Compton)
  • Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and apple picking (Rte 208 towards Compton, Rte 143 between Massawippi and Burrough’s Falls and Rte 143 towards Stanstead
  • Magnificent view of Lake Massawippi from Routes 208 towards Hatley and 143 towards North Hatley
  • Dufferin Heights Golf Club (one of the most beautiful and spectacular 18-hole golf courses in Quebec) Rte 143 towards Stanstead (Observe the Morill monument nearby)
  • Farmers’ Public Market Saturday mornings (at the Ayer’s Cliff Fairgrounds)
  • Ayer`s Cliff annual county fair (last week-end in August)
  • Historical round barn on Holmes Road in Ways Mills
  • Pinacle mountain walking path with a breathtaking view of Lake Lyster, as well as a visit to the Baldwin fish hatchery

The Wippi


The shuttle “Le Wippi” sails on the waters of Lake Massawippi during the summer. It is intended for cyclists and pedestrians and allows crossing the lake between the municipalities of Ayer’s Cliff and North Hatley.
With a capacity of 12 people, with or without their bikes, the boarding points are located at the municipal docks of Ayer’s Cliff (Route 141, opposite the rest area) and North Hatley (Main Street, opposite School Street). Each trip takes approximately one hour.

It is necessary to reserve your seat.  ( )

The Wippi” is equipped with racks to keep the bikes in place during the ride.  The Wippi is a great way to connect the  Les Grandes-Fourches bike trail (via the Axe du sommet or the Axe de la Massawippi) to that of the  Tomifobia Nature Trail. The trip takes approximately one hour.

You must reserve your trip on the shuttle by visiting the reservation web site below.

Réservation Le Wippi


The Ayer's Cliff Agricultural Exposition - or Ayer's Cliff Fair

The Ayer’s Cliff Agricultural Exposition – or Ayer’s Cliff Fair – are the common names for the annual exhibition of the Stanstead County Agricultural Society. The first meeting of the Stanstead County Agricultural Society was held in 1845 and was primarily intended to allow local farmers to come together and exchange ideas on farming. Residents of this county would enter their farm animals and crops to compete. During this time, the ladies exhibited their cuisine and their craft work. From 1845 to 1872, exhibitions were held at various locations in the county, but in 1872 Ayer’s Cliff, in Quebec, became its permanent home.

The first three-day fair was held in 1913. Horse racing was one of the main attractions at that time. Today, the Ayer’s Cliff Fair retained the original events, but added various attractions, such as rides, musical performances and many arcade games with prizes. Families from around the world gather to enjoy the excitement and camaraderie of this annual four-day exhibition.

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Auberge Ayer’s Cliff

1087, Main Street
Ayer's Cliff (Quebec) J0B 1C0

T  :    819 838-4277

Ripplecove, hotel and spa on the lake

700, Ripple Cove Rd.
Ayer's Cliff (Quebec) J0B 1C0

T  :    819 838-4296


Café Folies

1105, Main
Ayer's Cliff (Quebec) J0B 1C0

T  :   819-200-0677

Casse-croûte du pêcheur (summer only)

435, Main Street
Ayer's Cliff (Quebec) J0B 1C0

T  :   819 838-4988

Le Riverain, saveurs au Ripplecove (bar, terrasse)

700, Ripple Cove Rd.
Ayer’s Cliff (Quebec) J0B 1C0

T  :   819 838-4296
F  :   819 838-5541
C  :  

Rest-O-foyer – Reception Hall, Chef at Home, Catering service

1087, Main Street
Ayer's Cliff (Quebec) J0B 1C0

T  :   819 838-4277

Restaurant Chez Maurice

155, Tyler Street
Ayer’s Cliff (Quebec) J0B 1C0

T  :   819 838-4855

Wood’s Snack Bar

1151, Main Street
Ayer's Cliff (Quebec) J0B 1C0

T  :   819 838-1622