Considered as one of the ten most beautiful lakes in Quebec and easily accessible from urban centers, Lake Massawippi, in Abenaki means “the big deep lake”, has a surface area of 18.7 km2 and a perimeter of 38 km. Its length is 14.2 km and maximum width is 1.9 km, and the lake attains a depth of 86 m.

During the Fall season, in October and November, the lake is a rest area for thousands of Canada geese and white geese. Big herons and ducks may also be observed. The woods which surround the lake abound with deer, moose, wild turkeys, and beavers. With a little bit of luck you may also see giant turtles. It is not a coincidence that the lake was a privileged hunting and fishing territory for the people of the First Nations for many centuries.


Access to the beach is free for Ayer’s Cliff citizens upon presentation of a pass issued by the municipality.


In order to improve our services and reduce waiting times, please note that from now on, no forms will be filled out by the municipal staff.  However, please note that if your information has not changed since the last request, it is not necessary to fill it out again, on the condition that you inform us at least 48 hours in advance.

The form is now made available to you so that you can complete it preferably BEFORE coming to the Town Hall. You only have to fill it and sent it at

Form for the resident: Click here

Form for the NON-resident: to come soon

Seasonal user certificate fees (boat stickers) –  available at the Town Hall (to confirm for the season 2023)

Type of userResident with a motorized boatResident with a non-motorized boatNon-resident with a motorized boatNon-resident with a non-motorized boat
1st boat$ 40$ 5$ 350$ 5
Each additional boat$ 25$ 5$ 350$ 5

Fees for boat wash certificate (valid for 48 hours) – available at the wash station (to confirm for the season 2023)

Type of serviceUser certificate holderBoat with trailer without user certificateBoat without trailer & without user certificate
Wash$ 0$ 20$ 5
Boat launch $30 including parking $30 including parking 0 $
Parking Free with boat launchFree including boat launch$ 10

$ 225 for season pass for boat launch available at the boat wash station

Visitors $ 10 per vehicle

Business hours: 6:00 am to 6:00 pm from April 23 to June 17/6:00 am to 8:00 pm from June 18 to September 6 (to confirm for the season 2023)


‘Le Wippi’ shuttle sails the waters of Lake Massawippi during the summer. It is intended for cyclists and pedestrians to cross the lake between the municipalities of Ayer’s Cliff and North Hatley.

With a capacity of 12 people, with or without their bikes, the boarding points are located at the municipal wharves of Ayer’s Cliff (Route 141, facing the rest area) and North Hatley (Main Street, facing School Street). It is necessary to reserve your place. Each trip takes approximately one hour.

The Wippi will be in operation. Advance booking is mandatory. Due to sanitary measures that must be respected, we will only accommodate twelve (12) passengers at a time. Details are available at

We will confirm you soon if this service will be offered for the season 2023.

In the event of a spill

Contact the Ministry of the Environment
1 866 694-5454